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52505 / USB-C and USB wallcharger

This universal charging adapter for charging at a wall socket (110 - 240 volts - Euro plug) offers a USB port with fast charging option and a USB-C port with power delivery. The maximum output power amounts to 20 watts. This wall charger provides charging power for smartphones, cameras, e-book readers and more! Short-circuit proof, over-voltage prevention, and overheating protection are all built in.
plastic, white, integrated overvoltage and short circuit protection, Output: 20 watt, USB 3.0, USB Type C, with overheat protection
USB 3.0 integrated overvoltage and short circuit protection with overheat protection USB Type C Output value: Output

- Hmotnost: 50 g

- Počet kusů v balení: 100 ks / karton

- Rozměry balení: 87x57x37 mm

- Způsob balení: gift box

- Možnosti dekorování:

   * Tamponový tisk (1C) -> 30 x 40 mm
   * Tamponový tisk (2C) -> 30 x 40 mm
   * UV tisk (3C) -> 30 x 40 mm

Materiál: Plastic
Rozměry: 46,5x27,5x60,5 mm
Barva: White
Sklad: skladem 759 ks