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52529 / Rechargeable Selfie Light

Rechargeable Selfie Light REEVES-BREVARD
Take excellent photos even under poor lighting conditions. The ring light, which can be dimmed to three levels, can be easily attached to your smartphone or tablet. The mounting surfaces are covered with a soft rubber coating to protect your devices. Press the switch several times in order to dim the LEDs of the ring light. Rechargeable via an included USB cable. Can be customised with pad- or full-surface UV print on the front of the item, right between the light ring.
plastic, white, 3 brightness levels, Battery (rechargeable): included, including usb cable, LED colour: white
LED colour value: LED colour Battery (rechargeable) value: Battery (rechargeable) including usb cable 3 brightness levels

- Hmotnost: 14,45 g

- Počet kusů v balení: 400 ks / karton

- Rozměry balení: 60x45x33 mm

- Způsob balení: gift box

- Možnosti dekorování:

   * Tamponový tisk (1C) -> 29,5 Ø mm
   * Tamponový tisk (2C) -> 29,5 Ø mm
   * UV tisk (2C) -> 29,5 Ø mm

Materiál: Plastic
Rozměry: 60x42,5x35 mm
Barva: White
Sklad: skladem 18 580 ks