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53004 / LED Torch with Multi Tool

LED Torch with Multi Tool REEVES-SURFIELD
The LED light with tool is a perfect promotional item for anyone who likes to have bits and a torch within easy reach.
The light provides 80 lumens and is controlled by an easy to use on/off button.
The anodised aluminium rectangular box slides open and contains six bits and a bit holder. Included are three different sizes each of a cross and a slot screw bit. With a neat belt clip, the handy tool can be hung on the waistband of trousers or into an inside pocket.
The item offers a highly visible advertising area on the case. Can be customised with an impressive laser engraving or a colourful pad printing.
A battery is included in the scope of delivery.
aluminium, plastic, black, battery included, LED colour: white, Lumens: 80, screwdriver, waistbelt clip
LED colour value: LED colour waistbelt clip screwdriver Lumens value: Lumens battery included

Materiál: Hliník
Barva: Black
Sklad: skladem 7 202 ks