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10365 / Key Ring

Key Ring RE98-LEVENT
Two useful functions on your key ring: a radiator key and a caddy chip! The shiny caddy chip is attached to a solid carabiner, which is complemented by an additional key ring made of matt metal. This elegantly designed pendant looks like a noble jewellery pendant and also has a technical function.
For optimal use of the radiator key, simply use the caddy chip or a coin and insert it into the slot provided. Insert the coin to make it easier to turn the radiator key when venting the radiator.
The chip and the extended key ring can be laser engraved
metal, silver, carabiner, Heater deaerator, incl. caddychip, Split Ring: Ø 35 mm
incl. caddychip carabiner Split Ring value: Split Ring Heater deaerator

Materiál: Kov
Barva: Silver
Sklad: není skladem