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53006 / Head Lamp

REEVES-CLERDON is a wonderful versatile headlamp with 280 lumens. It features a particularly bright light and a variety of functions. There are two light colours available: white and red. The white light can be dimmed to 100%, 50% and flashing, while the red light can be set to continuous and flashing light. The lamp has a removable light diffuser. The running time of the lamp is up to 16 hours. The soft, elastic and adjustable headband ensures comfortable wearing.
By twisting it gently, the lamp can be separated from the strap and then used separately. It can be held on magnetic surfaces with a built-in magnet or hung on the carabiner. With an integrated clip on the plastic flap, the lamp can also be attached to other materials, e.g. clothing. Thanks to these versatile applications and the different modes, the headlamp functions as a camping light, spotlight, floodlight, emergency beacon and reading lamp - a reliable light source for various occasions and activities. The headlamp can be charged via a USB-C connection. A USB-C charging cable is included in the delivery.
Customers' logos and slogans can be engraved on the body of the lamp by means of a noble laser engraving. All standard protective circuits are integrated.
aluminium, nylon, plastic, black, grey, Battery (rechargeable): included, including usb cable, LED colour: red, LED colour: white, Lumens: 280, magnetic attachment, Rechargeable
LED colour value: LED colour magnetic attachment LED colour value: LED colour Battery (rechargeable) value: Battery (rechargeable) including usb cable Rechargeable Lumens value: Lumens

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