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52577-BK / Cutter

Cutter RE98-SECARE
The RE98-SECARE cutter knife can be used universally, whether for opening parcels, as a classic carpet cutter or for other manual cutting activities (handles loads up to 25 kg). The blade is made of 9 mm wide carbon steel, it is laser-cut and therefore extremely sharp (0.6 mm thin). The blade can be locked by means of a rotating plastic knob.
The cutter has a high-quality aluminium housing with black powder coating. The item can be customised with laser engraving or pad printing.
metal, plastic, black, red, Auto-lock with screw button, blade width: 9 mm, Carbon-Steel blade, polybag, suitable for standard blades
suitable for standard blades polybag blade width value: blade width Carbon-Steel blade Auto-lock with screw button

Materiál: Plast
Barva: Black
Sklad: skladem 4 715 ks