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52596 / BBQ tong

The stainless steel barbecue tongs RE98-MANISA are a useful tool for barbecue masters. The bamboo handle gives the tongs a pleasant natural look and forms a trendy colour combination with the black lacquered stainless steel. In addition, the natural material offers a comfortable feel and enables safe handling on the heated barbecue. The ends of the barbecue tongs are slightly curved, so that the food can be gripped perfectly. With a length of 40 cm, the tool fits easily in the kitchen drawer and can also protect the hand from heat.
The tongs are equipped with a secure locking mechanism. To unlock the tongs, you only need to press the eyelet on the hinged end of the tongs lightly. To close them, simply pull the eyelet. This allows the tool to be stored in a space-saving way. The tongs can also be hung up using the eyelet.
The logos and slogans can be applied either with a pad print on the barbecue arm or with a noble engraving on the tong arm or the barbecue tongs. CO2 engraving on the bamboo handle is also possible. RE98®-MANISA comes in a gift box.
bamboo, Stainless steel, black, brown, Bamboo handle, Lenght: 35 cm, Safety lock
Bamboo handle Safety lock

Materiál: Nerezová ocel
Barva: Black
Sklad: skladem 6 979 ks